Q : Do you need quality inspection service?

A : Quality Control is the key to get high quality and compliant products from suppliers or factories.

Quality Control can significantly reduce the risk of low quality and non-compliance with regulatory requirements, and minimize the risks associated with loading, storage and transportation by getting informed in advance about production problems and shipping delays.

Product inspection can make sure contractual obligations are met with regard to specification, packaging, marking and delivery.

Product inspection provides you with valuable product information, such as quantity, quality defects, and defect severity level for your decision of accepting or rejecting product.

Loading supervision lets you know when and how your products are loaded at loading site. We check the lot for quantity, markings and carton conditions. We also randomly select samples from the cartons for identifying the products and preventing substitution.

Q: How do I judge if MODA Sourcing meets our demand and can effectively help us, what if our orders are never large?

A:  MODA Sourcing specializes in assisting the global sourcing operations for medium and large sized companies, but as well as small sourcing orders from small companies, especially those international buyers who are engaged in various products line with constant purchasing volume from Turkey. However, we are not recommending our service to spot purchasers, who are not able to fully take advantage of MODA Sourcing service.

Through the way of direct and efficient contact with Turkish suppliers supported by complete Quality Inspection/Control supports, MODA Sourcing is able to help you to minimize the costs and reduce your delivery time for the related products at any size of orders.

Q: How do I evaluate the service charge paid to Moda Sourcing? How do I guarantee my satisfaction on your service quality?

A : We are continuously making value to our customer and partners by our purchasing service and quality control service. MODA Sourcing is not permitted to have any commercial benefits in the deals between the suppliers and the buyers. And almost all of our customers are long-term partners with yearly contract.

For the purchasing service, you have two choices:

1. A negotiable but fixed monthly fee is paid to MODA Sourcing Company for all your Turkey related purchasing operations and management. This reasonable fixed service charge is subjected to your business scale to mobilize all the MODA Sourcing team to work for you. The service charged is reasonably negotiated every year according to a reasonable evaluation for the coming year.

2. A percentage of the purchasing amount is paid to MODA Sourcing. Different products will be subjected to different percentages.

Q: My Company has tried global sourcing before and the quality was not so convincible. How does MODA Sourcing assure the supplied quality?

A: You will always see samples and production pieces that meet or exceed your expectations due to our working with industry-leading manufacturers and our on-site quality control programs.  MODA Sourcing has built up complete internal quality control procedures by its excellent engineers who are usually former world-leading international inspection organizations. As your Turkish Partner, we will always represent your interests and make sure that the quality meets your standards. For more information on our quality inspection and control program, please consult to our Quality Inspection service.

Q: We have a well organized Purchasing Department with excellent performance. Why should we cooperate with MODA Sourcing to do what we’ve already reached?

A:  MODA Sourcing service cannot and does not replace your existing Purchasing Function. However, we work as an extension of your existing function or as an additional tool for all operations in Turkey. Working closely with local market, MODA Sourcing`s expertise will negotiate with the manufacturers/suppliers for the best price that you’re Purchasing Department may have not accessed so far.

Q: What makes MODA Sourcing different from any other sourcing company?

A: As product sourcing is only part of our service, MODA Sourcing is very professional in purchasing management and quality control service.

Q : What’s the Inspection Standards?

A : We do the inspection according to international standards, BS-6001

Q : Why choose MODA Sourcing  ?

A: Our highly professional and experienced team provides independent, efficient and reliable inspection service to our clients.

Order your inspection service now, and our dedicated inspection expert will take action in 24 hours! Once the inspection is completed, you will receive the formal report through email or fax within 12 hours.